Recipes Low Calorie Breakfast Sandwich

One sandwich


It doesn’t really matter what order you make your ingredients in, because ultimately you just need to make the ingredients then assemble and devour. For the vegetables julienne your orange bell pepper, then thinly slice your yellow squash into slices which would fit across your bun. Cook your bacon in a sauté pan until it has nice deep brown spots, then lay on a paper towel to absorb any of the extra grease, once cooled slice in half in order to lay the bacon across your sandwich. To make the sunny-side up egg, spray a nonstick pan with a little bit of cooking spray and the crack the egg into it. You want to cook it at a medium high heat until you cook all of the white of the egg. Next toast your bread, and spread the bottom piece of bread with hummus, then the other slice with avocado. To assemble the sandwich start with the bottom piece with hummus, lay the squash, then pepper, then bacon, cheese, then egg. Put as much hot sauce as you want on the egg, then top it off with your avocado piece of bread!

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