Breadko produces one of the highest quality pita on the market. All our formulations have been designed for longer shelf stability and more pliability. Breadko’s innovative pita formulations have led to the development of thin buns and thin bagels. Currently Breadko branded pitas are available in Sobeys, Metro, Freshco, Food Basics, Wal-Mart, Wegman’s and Tops.

Thin Buns

The origin of this product dates back to Breadko`s Sandwich and Hamburger pita, which sold in Costco. Currently Breadko produces thin buns under the Breadko brand and also private label for Dempster’s, Sobeys Metro and Wal-Mart.

Thin Bagels

Through an innovative process Breadko has formulated a 100 calorie thin bagel, and recently, a low in sodium formula has been created for Western Canada.


Within Breadko’s new facility, the ability to create Panini breads is being explored.

Food Service Pita

Breadko has slowly become a major player in the Food Service world with our pita. In late 2007, came the creation of “super bread”, a pita meant for restaurant use, to withstand thawing, freezing and untrained employee use. Food Service pita is distributed through US Food Service in the USA and through GFS and Sysco in Canada. Breadko is the only pita company with enough consistency to support large food service chains with their volume and their growth.

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